© Simon Großlercher & Stefan Muckenhuber

My name is Stefan and I´m a law student from Austria/Tirol. I have been practising astronomy for about 5 years.

Looking at the stars in a clear night has always fascinated me, so one day I decided to buy a telescope to take a closer look. I began with visual observations until someday, I tried to  put my DSLR camera behind my scope. Altough I didn´t exactly knew what I was doing and also my equipment wasn´t
fit for any serious attempts for astrophotography, the results just blew me away. My first picture of a so called deep sky object was of M13 – The hercules cluster. The exposure time was very low, the stars weren´t round and there was not much detail in it, but the sheer fact, that I saw anything of an object, located 25.000 lightyears away on my camera display, deeply fascinated me and from there my passion for astrophotography was born. Luckily, just a few minutes from my home, there is an astronomy society which I'm a member of since I started with this hobby. They helped me a lot in terms of equipment and techniques. Especially Simon has been a huge help for me with taking my first steps in this complex hobby. Because of all that support and the time and effort I put into this matter, my images gained a lot of quality in quite a short amount of time. Since then, I'm trying to use every opportunity to catch photons and I'm constantly trying to improve myself in terms of photographing and processing.

Besides the various interesting technical aspects, this hobby has also been a huge enrichment in a philosophical way for me and is an infinite source of inspiration.

Hi there, I’m Simon Großlercher. Like Stefan I live in Tyrol/Austria and study Philosophy at the University of Innsbruck. My inspiration for Astronomy has its origin in the BBC documentary “Wonders of the Universe”.
After observing visually for a couple of weeks, I decided to attach a DSLR to my telescope. The concept of gathering photons over a long period of time truely ignited my passion.
It is my goal to share the beauty of our universe with as many people as possible and make society curious about Science.

“You dig deeper and it gets more and more complicated, and you get confused, and it's tricky and it's hard,
but... It is beautiful.” - Professor Brian Cox