© Simon Großlercher & Stefan Muckenhuber

My name is Stefan Muckenhuber, I live in Tyrol/Austria and I study law at the University of Innsbruck. 

I discovered my passion for Astronomy in 2012. 

When I bought my first telescope I started off as a visual observer and quickly realized that photography could intensify my passion and interest for the cosmos. 

Ever since I try to improve my imaging and processing skills to create more detailed and deeper images of celestial objects.

Hi there, I’m Simon Großlercher. Like Stefan I live in Tyrol/Austria and study Chemistry at the University of Innsbruck.
My inspiration for Astronomy originated in the BBC documentary “Wonders of the Universe”.
After observing visually for a couple of weeks, I decided to attach a DSLR to my telescope. The concept of gathering photons over a long period of time truely ignited my passion.
It is my goal to share the beauty of our universe with as many people as possible and make society curious about Science.

“You dig deeper and it gets more and more complicated, and you get confused, and it's tricky and it's hard,
but... It is beautiful.” - Professor Brian Cox